Thursday, November 29, 2018

A natter: Sweet Home Alabama


So, it's been more than two years since I posted on this lil o'l of mine. So much has changed and yet so much has stayed the same.

I laugh because I realized that the last blog I posted was a day when I donated blood and had to answer whether I thought I was pregnant. I answered wrong. EAC joined us last year in February and she is just the most cuddly bundle of joy that God could have given us. We are blessed.

We are also living in Alabama right now. Never in my life would I have thought that I'd be living in Alabama. NEVER. It was a good move for the family and the kids are really enjoying it. We belong to a thriving Catholic parish and really feel like God brought us here. We do miss our EP family though, we all miss them so much. NCC cries almost everytime he sees his Abuelitos on the phone and it just breaks my heart. All we can do is trust in God and hope that His plan for us in the future is to bring us back together soon.

There are also a lot of changes for me dealing with work. I'm currently unemployed and starting to look for a work from home job. I have no clue what I'll be working on and  I'm trying to find something remote. It's so weird being unemployed after more than 20 years. God is good, so I'm just praying some of the Catholic companies I've applied to actually write me back. I applied to an EWTN postion, but unfortunately they don't do remote locations. It was still such a treat to apply!

So, that's what's going on over here in a snap shot. I'll try to post more often and I'm excited and hopeful about it all. Is there something new that y'all are looking forward to or hopeful about?