Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Little things: Quiet time


God Love You!

Today, I felt a tiny bit like a junkie or an addict. I love my TV watching and internet surfing - I do. Today it just seemed too much.

I prayed to God yesterday, to help me make more time for Him - to teach me how. Today, as I was donating blood (go donate blood if you haven't) it was quiet and relaxing and I couldn't just sit there. I sat there and wanted my nook or a book so I turned to Pinterest to pass the time and my mind just felt so jumbled. There is too little quiet time in my life.

At home, we constantly have the TV on. It's a Caillou and Thomas binge watch early in the morning, followed by some "If I'm happy and you know it" sing a long time, then some GMA or Today for me. It is always on. I've tried to turn it off here and there, and I do limit the kids time as recommended - but I'm not good at limiting mine. I'm terrible it. Am I so afraid of being bored?

So like I've done before, I tried and today we had the TV going but a lovely classical piano station on Pandora. It was nice. I focused all my attention at the tasks at hand - the smile on my boy's face when we got the train going on his play track by itself. He tried to follow it around the table but couldn't catch up. His smile is priceless.

Then clean-up time with my BB, which resulted in no tablet for her tomorrow because of a blue stain on her bed which she so sweetly said she did not see. She is only five, but devastated by this harsh development. She needs the quiet time, though - just as much as I do and I must work harder to make it a part of our every day life.

This day, this quiet time was not silent - but more present. It is a little thing, but it is such a gift.

How do you get your quiet time in?