Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mommy Needs Coffee: Please!

Workout: 30 min power body

Yay, this work out was da’ bomb (yes, I said it). It was though, after four weeks it felt so good to do some light cardio and power moves. So fun.

Plus, I had back therapy + a massage to forward too and it did not disappoint.

At this week’s appointment the masseuse kept emphasizing the importance of drinking water. I think most people already know this, so I asked her why. Apparently, it has to do with the massage releasing lots of toxins that need to be flushed out with water. Otherwise, you may run the risk of getting some type of sick. Who knew?

It might explain my cold last week, so I made sure to get my H2O fix today. 

For today’s Mommy Needs Coffee (which I always do) edition, I thought it’d be fun to answer these interview questions. I know I’m no Christina Applegate, so go check out her answer’s here too!

The best parenting advice I ever got ...

Naps – they’re more important than you’ll ever know!

Favorite kid song ...

"Yellow Submarine"

Favorite kid movie ...


I get my kid to "go the f&@ to sleep" by ...

Still trying to figure that one out. As soon as I think I got it, it all changes.

The thing I swore I'd never say to my kid, but do is ...

It’s for your own good.

The last lie I told my child was ...

I’ll be back to get you right away (right after I finish my 8 hours of work that is).

The word that best describes me as a mom is ...


The one word I wish described me as a mom is ...

Omnipresent (I’m stealing Christina’s word)

Biggest splurge on a kid item ...

BOB Stroller – so glad I did.

The title of my parenting memoir will be ...

"Mommy Needs Coffee"?

What is a perfect day with your child?

Pancakes for breakfast, walk with the dogs, play time, nap time, play/learn/adventure time, dinner time, bath time, sleepy time. I love my weekends!!!

What is your perfect day without children?

I’d say sleep, eat, read (at a nice place), web surf, write, repeat – but I’d miss my little BB way too much!

How about you?