Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mother Angelica Mondays


May your Monday be full of God’s light and love!

Yes, that’s me NOT asking the obligatory “How are you?” today. Not much of a fan of that little question, so instead I try to cut people off and wish them a blessed day instead!

Well, as part of my return to the blog I’m introducing “Mother Angelica Monday’s!” I love her so much, so grateful I get to share the earth with that little fire cracker! I love the way she cares about all of us, and wants us all to go to heaven. I love how God, in his infinite wisdom, molds us into His instruments and weaves us into this fabric of service, joy, charity. I love it!

My friend at work showed me this particular show and told me to listen to it and to make sure I was paying attention at 48 minutes. So, if you are suffering from any guilt, of any form – please listen and forward to minute 48 if you are running short on time

, s

Are there any other Mother Angelica fans out there?