Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Sunnies: Michelangelo in El Paso


God Love You <- That Fulton Sheen, now he knew how to address people! I might just borrow that greeting from now on.

Well, BB – my munchkinpie, we get her ready to go to school in our living room, usually with the local news on in the background. She’s a chip off the old Abuelita block because let me tell you how much those two love the weather forecasts. BB gets the biggest smile when she sees those “sunnies” on the screen so I thought that might be a neat title for posts that I’d like to write about our little Sun City – El Paso, TX.

I was thinking about it on our way home, as my SUV was struggling to the wind. My thoughts were that the Windy City has nothing on us!

Well, back to the post, Michelangelo in El Paso? Why yes, we are truly blessed to have this gem of a replica:


Daniel Fresquez of the El Paso Mission Trail Association looks over the Pietà replica inside La Purisima Catholic Church in Socorro.

I heard about this last week, on Bishop Seitz blog. That’s right, our Bishop has a blog! He wrote about how this gift to our Diocese came about, how thankful he was for Richard and Esther Stewart (and her parents), because whatever was born in them, the work that Our Lord accomplished in their hearts has led to this gift that will inspire people in our community for generations to come.

I, for one, cannot wait to go see this in person. The feeling that Michelangelo captured and carved in stone, I am sure it is magnificent. I can’t wait!

You can read more about it here and the El Paso times article here.

It makes me wonder, have you ever been inspired by a statute or a painting?

A Dios!