Thursday, February 5, 2015

7QT Friday: A Balloon in the Sky

--- 1 ---


Yes, I know – I can’t believe I’m writing again. I can’t believe I’m writing here, in my old, silly and boring blog. How can I possibly cram everything we’ve gone through in one tidy post. I can’t. I really can’t so I’m not even going to try. My life, well my life was handed a tragedy and part of me died on that day and I can only hope that this one day holds true for me:

I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” (Galatians 2:20)

--- 2 ---

I’ve been thinking about returning to this blog for a while but am always putting it off, I have lots of excuses and some pretty good ones. Then I read this post today, and I realized I’m never ever going to get to that perfect time, to find the perfect words to share just how much our Lord is at work in my life. Yes, His grace is sufficient for me and His power is made perfect in my weakness. I will try my best to share some of that crazy type of hope and love with you, a little balloon to bring a smile to your face.

--- 3 ---

BB is aware of everything. EVERYTHING. We were driving to school one morning, I had the Catholic Channel on and was on and off paying attention when all of a sudden, “Mommy, why is that lady talking about her daughter going to Catholic school.” I was shocked a bit, it made me realize just how much they really do pay attention and so glad I was listening to something wholesome – there ain’t nothing wrong with wholesome! Plus,  her quote of the week, “Tia Sarah says shi#”.

--- 4 ---

BBC - I got a little kiss from him today – oh so grateful for that! A friend showed me the little card she carries of him in her purse, it makes me realize just how much God is an expert weaver. We are all somehow and in someway connected. That’s pretty awesome and I will forever be humbled and grateful for all those that keep us in their prayers!

--- 5 ---

NCC – He’s got his first ear infection and cough going on – praying he gets well soon. He was learning to fall asleep on his own but it seems it wasn’t the time, all bets are off when my baby is sick and I will not let him cry at night!

--- 6 ---

The Doggies – I’m still not used to Dulci’s nails walking across our wood floor, she follows me everywhere! Click-Clock, click-clock, click-clock – all the time! Abacus on the other hand, continues his counter-surfing adventures. He struck gold with half a bag of whole-wheat bread today!

--- 7 ---

Kelly and Zach are pregnant!

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A Dios!