Monday, May 6, 2013

The Salad Case: Sweet Potatoes!

Workout: crossfit 40 min workout + lots of walking

How was your weekend?

Mine was all at home and all over the place at the same time. Saturday morning was go, go, go then an out from no where fever for BB put an end to that. Then Saturday night hit with a big dose of this : 4 month old sleep regression.

Who knew that was even a thing? Certainly not me, and I wasn't prepared for it. BBC has also started flipping from his back to his tummy, so I had to stop swaddling him. I was just lucky he did better last night but you know what - ain't no hidin' being tired!

... and sore, I can't seem to hide being sore. The thing is, we didn't do anything lower body related today. I'm just still sore from last week. I don't know if it's the planning to go to crossfit, the $$$ it costs or that I'm just tired of the extra weight, but I've been doing so much better diet-wise. It was the first weekend I didn't treat as a "you earned it" buffet of sweets. We'll see at the end of the month if any actual gains will be made. I no longer have time to weigh myself every morning and I actually think that's a good thing. How about you?

On to today's salad case:

  • Spinach
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cilantro (I'm on a kick and can't seem to get enough)
  • leftover squash/pinto beans green enchiladas (very little cheese)
Packing my lunch for the week has been a time/$$$ saver, let me tell ya. Plus, I can't seem to get enough sweet potatoes as well. BBC got his first taste of them this weekend and he was a fan. He did that whole "head zoning in" to the spoon, it was priceless. He also didn't want to give the spoon back, so that was good.

What's your favorite sweet potato recipe?

ADios :)