Thursday, May 19, 2011

Natter: Blah Blah/Foodie Failure

Thursday Workout: 45-Minute-Non-Stop-Vinyasa Flow
Calories: ?
Sugar: ?
Friday Workout: None
Calories: ?
Sugar: Scary???

Me: Brielle, hold on I need to clean up your little nose.
Brielle: A blah dah dah bla daa daa daa...
Me: C'mon munchkin, let me get these drops in there - they're not bad.
Brielle: A blah dah dah bla maa maa daa...
Me: Okay, you can hold on to that
Brielle: A blah dah dah bla maa maa daa...
Me: There, got it - phew!

She is the cutest little blabber mouth and I love every minute of it :)

I am completely amazed that she's still sleeping through the night. I think the main reason is that we moved up her bed time, I think we were putting her to sleep too late.

On the sugar front, my friends - I lost a big battle today. As always, I started out with good intentions but for me,

sugar in the AM => sugar

Must start taking pictures on Friday, maybe it would have helped today. Just look:

  • Krispy Creme glazed doughnut
  • 1 chocolate chip cookie
  • 1 tiny piece of office b-day cake
  • 1/2 cannoli
  • 12 oz iced chai tea

Seriously, I don’t even want to count!

I’m just going to dust myself off, plan on a cleansing run tomorrow and try to dodge that sugar monster for as long as I possibly can!

How do you guys handle bad nutrition days? Any tips?