Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Work It: Paleo

Workout: 25 minute interval run


After coming into the 21st century, I was really shocked to see how much protein I was consuming - still kind of am.

I think this kind of started last week, when I was toying with the idea of doing the "Paleo" diet to loose the “infamous” five pounds.

Cely from  Running off the Reese's: Paleo: Week 4 does a great job about explaining why she chose to try this diet after careful consideration and working with her doctor.

I, however, did no such thing. This is how it went:

Me: Wow, she’s getting results with that diet. I wonder what it’s all about?

Me: Hmmm, maybe I’m eating too many carbs? I know I’m eating too much sugar.

Me: I know, let’s start cutting down on my oatmeal at night.

Me: Maybe I could have my eggs in the morning sans the whole-wheat sandwichthin?

Me: I guess I could just make the fish & veggies – no need to make the brown rice.

and that’s how I got to yesterday:


I can get a little carried away, some may say.

After really thinking about it all day, I decided I really don’t need to try this diet. I’m lucky and don’t have any gluten or dairy intolerance. I don’t have any condition that would require me to try something like this.

Plus, I’m also at a “happy” weight and mainly trying to loose those last pounds and tone up a bit. I also haven’t consistently been eating my best, so I haven’t REALLY been trying loose the weight.

After some consideration I went back to my “everything in moderation” mentality and decided to skip the Paleo. It’s just not for ME and you have to do what’s right for YOU!

In that spirit, I started playing around with my online food diary. I put in my plan for the day and saw it was too much protein once again, so I started switching things around. I even decided to skip the edamame and get me some of this:

A whole-wheat bagelthin! Yum!!!

Going forward, I’m just going to try and make the best decisions CONSISTENTLY!

Do you guys ever get carried away with diets?

ADios :)