Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scoreboard Sunday: Losin’ IT



Hidee-ho bloggies, I’m so glad to be back. I wasn’t going to write tonight because it was 9 pm before I got to relax and I am so glad I did.

I thought I had actually eaten fairly well today, clearly – I was WRONG!

The thing about blogging, for me, is that sometimes it feels like another chore that needs to get done.  I’ve been MIA due to a lovely vacation and used that as an excuse to take a break from the blog.

SanDiego 018

Side note: I want to move to San Diego now!!! One can dream, can’t they? Is there a place you dream of living?

I got to run once and am so jealous of all those runners that don’t have to deal with the elevation. 3000 ft does make a difference!

We got to walk a lot but haven’t really worked out since that SD run, so I am kinda losin’ it. I miss working out and I miss being accountable to myself.

Only one way to change it, right? Set up the plan and take it one day at a time :)

Day Workout Goal
Monday 45 min yoga
Tuesday 25 min run + weights
Wednesday 45 min yoga
Thursday 25 min run + weights
Friday 45 min yoga
Saturday 30+ run
Sunday Rest

So here is my plan and I can’t wait to start it tomorrow :)

Any tips for getting your fit groove back?