Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Natter

Workout: None :(

6:30 in the AM

Me: Oh, I need to get my phone before I forget it...
Me: Huh, look - I guess the alarm is still ringing
Me: Ohhhh, maybe I shouldn't put my phone on the cushy pillow? Maybe that's why I didn't hear it this morning?
Me: Oh well, it seems the universe does not want me to work out on Thursdays :(
Me: I really need to buy another alarm clock!

That's right folks, overslept and I actually went to bed ~10:30 too! No big deal, that only means more walking to do today and a grreat workout tomorrow :)

 I use my phone for practically everything: gMail, pictures, navigation, texting, gReader, mp3 player, games. alarm clock.  Some of the coolest apps I've found:
  • Lightning Bug - helps me fall asleep when I can't turn my brain off :)
  • - awesome calorie tracker
  • Baby ESP - breastfeeding log that helped me track the time and the side so that my barely functioning mind wouldn't have to!
What are some of your favorite apps?

Also, with all the talk about cell phone radiation that could lead to cancer, have you thought about your phone in a different way?

My brother-in-law, Eric is an Electrical Engineer and worked at a cell-phone company. He's always warned us about using blue-tooth because of the radiation so we never bothered to get one. Do you guys use them?

I know I've started using the speaker function a lot more and thought about putting in a land line. I also plan on buying an alarm this week so I don't have to sleep next to my phone. I guess the "I didn't hear my alarm" trick won't work next week ;)

I soooooo want this wake-up light simulator, but I just can't justify the price :(



Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

I used to be the queen of hitting snooze! Now, if I don't get up on time, I have a wet nose in my arm pit :(

I am not a big app person but I do use the MyFitnessPal, which I love thanks to you, and I'll have to check out the Baby ESP. I usually use my phone to play Angry Birds!