Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Things: Chillaquiles

Workout: 30 minute full-body strength workout

Sometimes I believe laziness is the mother of all inventions!

Case in point: yesterday's dinner!

The thinking went like this:
  • I need to use my Mama's homemade enchilada sauce before it goes bad
  • Enchiladas for dinner it is, plus a side of pinto beans
  • Man, baked enchiladas sound good - but they're a pain to roll!
  • I know, let's make chillaquilles instead!
  • Maybe I should forget about the beans, one less pan to wash. No, I need the beans to take some of the heat off.
  • I know, let's just add the beans to the chillaquilles.
  • An egg sounds good, but not another pan to wash.
  • I know, let's try the egg setting on my microwave!

Amazingly, the egg came out ok - that's good to know when in a morning rush :)

    So that is how I got to this ONE PAN WONDER:

    Easy + Delicious = Chillaquiles!

    • 8 tortillas
    • 1 onion
    • 1 can beans of your choice
    • 2 cups enchilada sauce
    • 2 cups cheese
    1. Saute onions in some olive oil then add cut up tortillas, cook for 10 minutes
    2. Add the beans, cook for a couple of minutes
    3. Add the sauce, cook until desired enchilada thickness
    4. Enjoy!
    What are your favorite one pot wonders?

    Okay, flipping to Marley + Me and getting the last scene with Marley is just plain wrong!

    Off to find something more uplifting and to finish making the rice pudding for tomorrow's pot luck breakfast!



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