Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Natter: Workplace Sabotage!

Workout: 40 minute Core Strengthening Yoga Flow

Co-worker #1: I brought cookies today!
Me: Cookies?
Co-worker #1:Yea, my mom had a bunch leftover from one of her meetings and I didn't want to keep them at home.
Me: Are you guys having a party today or something?
Co-worker #2: Party? No, that's for our Snack Time today. (every Thursday at 3)
Me: Oh yea, what are you making?
Co-worker #2: Warm tortillas with butter. Some beans if people aren't digging the butter.

[Side note:  if you've never tried warm tortillas with butter - do yourself a favor and go do so now!]
Co-worker #3: I couldn't buy the cake at Sam's so I'm just getting one from Albertson's.
Me: Oh yea, I guess birthday celebrations are this week. That should be more than fine :)
Co-worker #3:Yea, they make good cakes!

Oh yea! Seriously, I could have not brought any food today and met my daily caloric needs thanks to my co-workers.

We have Breakfast Wednesdays, Snack Thursdays and monthly birthday celebrations. After Thanksgiving, we celebrate the 12 Fattening Days Before Christmas so I really have to be careful around work.

When I worked at Exxon, they had enough money to provide lunch and/or cookies for A LOT of their meetings. They even had a Taster group that you had to be nominated to where you got to try new things and give your feedback. It was the best nomination I've ever been given! Whoever came up with brownie-covered macaroons was a genius. Seriously!

The bad thing was, I gained 5+ pounds working there in 6 months so I really had to scale it down after that! It was so hard, too - food was everywhere!

Do you find yourself being sabotaged at work? If so, how do you handle it? Any tips!

It was so much easier to say no during Lent. I know one guy who passes on food by saying he gave up sugar, but he had some German Chocolate cake today so I guess it's a selective sugar thing!

I honestly think it's hard to say no more for the camaraderie than the food, sometimes! Others, the chocolate and the coconut is all the camaraderie I need!

ADios :)


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Thanks Sherry!

It's just so hard to say no sometimes ;)