Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work It Out: Camels Drinking @ Oasis

Workout: 30 minute Energizing vinyasa yoga flow

I love this flow, it's 30 minutes but it packs a punch! Plus, I don't get bored - win, win :)

I was browsing the web and is one of the places I like to go. It's a total "geeks rule" site and they come up with the most interesting and random things. BTW, as much as I consider myself a geek I am nowhere near geek enough to post on their site. They take geekiness to an ultra-chic level ;)

The post that got my attention today was Camel Drinking at Oasis.

Side note: My favorite band is the Beatles, Oasis is #2.

It's a random pic but I found it hilarious, then I read the comments, and realized they were referencing this post: Camels drinking at an oasis

Ahhh, the power of an "an".

One of the beauties of are the comments section. Today, among other things, I learned the band (minus Noel) is now known as Beady Eye and they put out a new album. Noel is supposed to put one of his own out in the Fall. This should be interesting!

Do you guys like Oasis? I know they were big in the US in the mid-to-late 90s, but then something happened and you never heard of them on the radio again. At least that's what it felt like. They're albums since them have all been really good, IMHO.

Ok, enough about Oasis - tell me some of your favorite bands or sites that you visit?

ADios :)