Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Work It (Wedge): Office stairs ed

Workout: 1 round of 7 sets of office stairs + 15 min brisk walk

Sometime during the night I "conveniently" managed to place my pillow over my phone alarm. Darn it! Another missed AM workout!

I thought, "no biggie" I worked out yesterday, have been eating well and cutting out my late-night snacks - go me. The only problem: a Nutella attack at work!!!

The horror!!!

I gave in to a serving (or more?) and got myself ready for a round of climbing office stairs. Usually, I'd go for a walking break - but I'm a desert gal and it's in the 40s today. You couldn't pay me to walk outside right now ;) Pay me you did for that 15 min brisk walk across campus!

How do you handle little office foodie "indiscretions"?

Also, in an effort to not dress like a college student I'll be making Wednesdays - Work It Wedge days. I wore this outfit today:

Hubby says I dress like a grandma sometimes. Agree?

Grandma - maybe? Goober - definitely!

Personally, I really like this outfit - the colors, the warmth factor - and the star of it all: comfy wedges!

The Wedges! I've made an executive decision and only plan on buying wedges for my office attire. Heels tend to hinder my walking breaks and I've never really gotten into flats - I'd rather buy some comfy sneaks instead. What are your faves?

If you have any inspiration photos or wanna send me a pic of what you wear to the office, I'll feature it on my blog. Should be fun, no?

ADios :)