Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Things: Dora

Workout: 20 minute weights + 20 min interval session

Guess who had a little Christmas surprise: me!!! I am back to my normal weight and my goal jeans actually fit me loose!!! Fist pump & woo-hoo!!!

I've been trying to watch my sugar intake, and by "watch" I mean - no sugar in my morning coffee :(

After all, let's be real here, it's the holidays and I'm in Damage Control mode. Not much I can do when there is food EVERYWHERE. Trying to get my veggies in and holding off the sugar monster as much as I can is helping. How about you, what are your damage control tips?

Also, I'm crushin' on the short workouts. They add a pep to my step and make me feel GRRRREAT! Plus, I'm trying to mix it up throughout the week to fend off boredom - yay!

Speaking about crushes, guess who has a little Dora crush?

That's right bloggies, Abacus does!

It's just so funny to see Abacus get all excited about my BB's toys. He loves 'em, can't get enough of them actually. It amazes how much my little lab is like a toddler.

My BB and him are fascinated not only by her toys, but by all of the following:
  • my Dulci's dog food (my poor Cocker can't eat without someone lunging at her food)
  • shredding paper (any kind, but toilet paper seems like an added bonus)
  • opening and closing doors (yes bloggies, they are both very proud of this ability)
  • pushing others out of the way when there's food involved
  • trying to counter surf (a certain electronic device may(or may not) have been involved - lesson learned)
  • making a run for it, no matter what that it is!
It's chaos, but I love it!

What chaos are you lovin' lately?