Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Little Things: Goals (in Review)!

Workout: 30 min yoga for cross-training + 20 min interval run

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's! I know, I'm a little late as always ;)

The 2011 Holidays were just plain beautiful. We are so blessed and I hope your holidays were filled with joy and good cheer!

Lots of doggie walks were taken, a Christmas must!

I may or may not have forgotten someone's fancy shoes, you be the judge.

I think the Cons add some pizzazz to the whole outfit, if I do say so myself.

There was also lots of running around chasing after a certain someone. I won't name any names, but I will point a finger in the right direction (see above).

By the time night rolled around, we were ALL pooped!

Can you tell?

That's why I may need some time off to recover from the Holidays. To say "I was not pleased with my alarm on Monday" is an utter and complete lie. I instantly gave my phone "the look" and am still trying to get over the shock of how quickly vacation days go by. I'll survive. My phone? Maybe not so much.

I somehow also survived the whole fitness during the holidays dilemma. I could have done better. Maybe a workout here or one less sweetened coffee there? The point being, I survived without too much damage and am back to my "normal" weight. I mainly relied on getting my veggies in, long walks and having that toddler around sure came in handy.

As far as what's next in terms of goals for the upcoming year, I've never...

Wait, good time to check what I wrote last year...

Here it is.

Oh, maybe I do write goals, who knew? I completely forgot about that post. I guess the question of whether to keep the blog going is a reoccurring theme!

So let me change the title of this post to "Goals (in Review)!" Let's see how I fared?

  • Pray and read the Bible every morning - so, so - some days yes - others no.
  • Attend Mass at least two times a month - so, so - attendance was up, but I wasn't consistent with it.
  • Volunteer! We’re going to the Animal Rescue League Orientation on the 8th and I can’t wait :) I went on the 8th and didn't go back. I am terrible. I am starting to work with another organization - so hopefully I'll do more in 2012.
  • Dedicate 3 hours of my week to writing - hahahahaha.... Not even once! Well, maybe once - to transfer the files to another pc!
  • Post at least five blog entries a week - hahahahahaa... It's gotten way worse. Looking at the January 2011 posts makes me feel a little nostalgic - I definitely want to keep it up. Otherwise, it's the year becomes just a blur!
  • Every month read:
    • 1 fiction book - I think I may have done this, I just have to check
    • 1 non-fiction book - I may have come close - there were a couple of self-help books and some others for a leadership class I took
    • 1 biography book - (after reading W’s book I’ll concentrate on the President’s this year) - hahahahaa... I read T.Roosevelt's autobiography and read no more.
  • Full-out diet mode in January + February to loose those last pesky 10 pounds. If I meet my goal my reward will be a shopping spree with the cashback reward money I get every year at the end of February. If I don’t, that money will go into the bank account – talk about motivation! - I think I lost 5 but I was never very consistent. I ended up only having a semi-shopping spree.
    • Eat my fruits & veggies on a daily basis - pretty much
    • Keep it to under 2000 calories a day - hahahahaaa...
    • Keep it to one sugar craving a day   - hahahahaaa...
  • Exercise, exercise and even more exercise – ok so I’m not planning on going overboard or anything, but I really want to be consistent. I also plan on switching it up every month or so, so my January weekly workout plan looks like this:
    • 3 cardio days
    • 2 weight sessions
    • 2 yoga/pilates sessions
       - hahahahaaa... I never worked out past a Thursday on any given week 

  • I think I also want to run a half-marathon again. Maybe the El Paso one, but I’ll post about it when I figure it out. - I did run the El Paso one, but I should have trained harder.
  • Become an organizing wizard – ok, if I’m being honest that might be a bit out of my reach.  Baby steps are key, here! My baby step this month will be to identify those tasks that need to be done every week or month and setup calendar reminders on my google account. That way, I won’t forget about them and I’ll have a place to check ‘em off my list – the best part of keeping lists in my humble opinion :) - somewhat kept up with it, but I stopped around June.

Wow, there were a lot of hahahahaaa's in there. Sad thing is I completely forgot about this post or these goals! I guess the ol' blog does help with accountability - score 1+ for blog!

Do you typically write down your goals for the new year? Do you ever go back and check how you did?

Did you accomplish any goals last year, any that you're really proud of?

Off to write some of my goals down...