Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Natter: Lies we tell ourselves!

Workout: 20 minute weights + 17 minutes interval run!

MikeInTheMorning: So do you know what women usually lie to themselves about 9 times a day?
Listener#5: Is it - lie to ourselves about what we eat?
MikeInTheMorning: ding ding ding ding, we've got a winner!

According to my oh so reliable morning DJ, women lie to themselves about what they eat close to 9 times a day. No wonder my "I'm doing everything right" wasn't working? I was caught in my own lie!

It's true though, I think. For me, that sugar monster is a sly one and I’d run the risk of forgetting entire hours of my day.

That's why documenting what I ate is my crutch whenever I’m trying to really loose the weight. I don't do too much of it anymore because I'm trying not to be so obsessive about it. Yes, I'm mindful and still do a mental calorie roundup each night, but I'm focusing on "fueling" my body properly.

I have to say that having 3 No-Added Sugar Days per week on My January Challenge is working, too. I go into the day with a different mindset and on the days I don't - I'm much more mindful and try not to overdue it. I also make sure to really savor that coffee creamer or extra little snack at the end of the day.

How do you handle mindful eating? Do you think this article is true?

As far as today’s work out - yay, my 2nd Thursday in a row this year where I actually get up and work out. Let's keep this streak going!!!

I woke up just with enough time to get it in because I must have hit the "Dismiss" button when my alarm went off. No, that is not one of my “lies” - I really don't remember but I plead the 5th anyways!

The weights session was fast but totally challenging. Then I mixed up my interval routine as follows:

Time Pace Incline
4 min 6.5 1
1 min 3.5 1
4 min 6.8 1
1 min 3.5 1
4 min 7 1
1 min 3.5 1
2 min 7.4 1
1 min 3.5 1

It was intense but so glad I'm switching it up. Are you good about doing that? It's all too new to me because I was never really consistent to begin with. Who knew it'd help me be more consistent?

I know, I probably did and was lying to myself before ;)

One thing I won’t be lying about is how good last night’s dinner was. Ok, may be a bit of an exaggeration but what I really loved was that it was healthy, yummy and done with 10 minutes. Not to mention that minimal cleanup was required after it was all done. #score!

Whole-wheat Quesadillas + Broccoli

Blog 148

That leftover Chicken from Sunday + the leftover cheese from Sunday + a tortilla = a kid approved meal!

My BB is a great eater and even eats broccoli and spinach, everything we eat for dinner. The trick so far has been to give her a mix of the foods so no flavor or texture over powers everything. Let’s hope it keeps up!

Off to meet my tech cut-off time! Hope that wasn’t a lie ;)



Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

Unless I'm tracking, I definitely lie to myself about how much I'm eating. I will think that I've done well until I remember that I had a handful of this, a few of these, and two bites of that.

I'm really inspired by your 3 days of no added sugar. I've been struggling how to adjust my eating now that I'm not nursing and I know that I need to cut back on the treats!

cynthiasolc said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, it's always a hit or miss type of deal sometimes. Whatever you do - don't schedule 2 no-sugar days in a row. It's not a good idea for anyone involved!