Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mommy Needs Coffee Tuesdays: Organization!

Workout: 20 Min Core Workout + 20 min interval run

After a 3-day weekend, this somehow just fits:

Good times, specially when driving to work on the first day at school here. The students, the traffic, the no open parking spots - the HORROR!

At least a workout was DONE, but I'm so not looking forward to 2 NO-SUGAR Days in a row. Why, me? Why??? We'll get through it somehow, I guess. Give me a moment to breathe please before we move onto a cup of this:

In fact, let's breathe together and day dream about a nice cup of coffee. Doesn't coffee make all things better?

Sidenote: if you're interested in reading a great article about daydreaming - go here. I'm sure RC will love to know I'm exercising my mind the next time I happen to zone out when he's talking ;)

Today's edition of Mommy Needs Coffee comes courtesy of this:

I think I LOL'd when I first saw this. Seriously, who has time to do this? In fact, this whole article made me giggle a bit.

Trying to keep the BB's clothes all clean and tucked away has proven to be more of a hassle than I ever expected. It's a bit under control now and I've found that clumping outfits together of pajamas and what she's going to wear has helped. In fact, I've applied this principle to my workout clothes and pajamas - I think I'm delusional in thinking those extra seconds add up. Nevertheless, I still do it.

I also started doing one load of laundry per night and letting them hang dry before putting them away the next day. I think it's helping us save some $$$ on the no-dryer time and since I don't iron (EVER), I only use the dryer when I need to avoid ironing at all costs!

An added bonus, the no drying also helps ensure my jeans don't shrivel up and suffocate me the next time I try to wear them. File that under #doublescore!

How do you handle the closet organization. Any tips?

Need an extra cup o'joe? Well here's a real gem:

Blog 111

This was such a simple idea and I loved the variety. I wish my ramekins were a bit bigger, though because the egg did fluff up some and spilled over.

Blog 113

Baby Vans – are they not just so adorable?

Blog 112

A week of Breakfast bakes!

  • 2 eggs + 1/4 c milk + 1/2 c millet fluffed
  • Optional toppings:
    • raisins + pecans (my favorite)
    • cheese of your choice + dill seasoning
    • blueberries
    • mangos + coconut
    • anything you really like
  1. Mix the egg mixture with your desired toppings and fill ramekins
  2. Bake at 375  (10-15 min) in the oven or microwave (2-3 min)  until egg is fully cooked

Blog 115

I loved that I could just grab one from the fridge and eat it on the road or at work. I honestly can't remember the last time I sat for breakfast at home on a work day. The snooze button always wins out.

Plus, these were actually yummy. I didn't get bored and I felt full all morning.

What are your favorite busy morning breakfast go-tos? Do y'all take the time to sit while having breakfast?

Well, anyways - hope you liked the coffee ;)