Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Natter: Keurig ed.

Workout: 30 min weights + 20 min intervals!!!

Woo-hooo!!! I actually worked out this morning!!! Fist Pump! Fist Pump!

Despite going to sleep late (BB was crying last night), I fought through that wake-up call from my phone. It felt good :)

I can do this!!! In terms of working out and healthy eating, I feel really good this week. If I workout tomorrow, it'll be one full week in I don't know how long? Are you consistent with your workouts?

On to today's little natter...

Me: would you pitch in for a Keurig for work?
Friend#1: Oooh, that would be cool!
Friend#2: Everyone could bring their own k-cups, too. Pretty nice!
Friend#3: Count me in!
Friend#4: Where would it be located? (There IS a turf "war" at work).

Of course, this is just a paraphrase of the real shenanigans, but you get the gist.

A Keurig at work, something to look forward too! Or a very BAD idea for my coffee obsession? We'll see.

We ended up getting the Keurig Special Edition over the holidays and are in luv with it. Such good coffee! The only problem, too much good coffee. Plus, there's also chai tea lattes, hot chocolate and regular tea varies. Not to mention the My K-Cup filter that you can fill with your own favorite blend. Genius!

Have you tried a Keurig cup o'joe?

I obviously will not be able to enjoy the caffeinated drinks at work, but the decafs are growing on me.

Then, to top it all off (litterally) is this little gem:

Oprah does it again! I heard about it through the "things she loves" list and had to give it a try. It really does froth and you can make your own cappuccinos and lattes at home/work for only $20!!!

Are you a coffee fan(atic)?

ADios :)