Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WIWW: Bona fide Wedges!

Workout: Insanity Plyomentrics 40 min video

True story, I had to google how to spell bona fide. Who knew it was 2 words? Probably EVERYONE on the planet but me!

As I mentioned yesterday, fitness goals in all 3 days of the 25 day challenge have been going great! A big test came up last night, I didn't go to sleep at 10. It was later, but luckily RC took BB to daycare which afforded me an extra 40 minutes of sleepy time. It was glorious, specially those 10 extra minutes of snooze time - aren't those the best?

As good as extra snooze minutes are, I did have a date with Mr. Shaun T and I was not going to disapoint.

In the past, Insanity and my lower back have not been on good terms. In today's AM session, I really tried to focus on form and go at my own pace. Let me tell ya, muscles that I did not know existed were burning. For the moves that I'm not strong enough to do*cough*ski + in/out abs*cough* I opted for different yoga planks. I figure, I'll have to work up to them.

Ever experience any lower back pain? I never did until my lil' BB came into the picture. All new mom's out there - start strengthening that core!

In other unrelated and unimportant news, I've been "dressing the part" at work for 3 whole days!

I feel like a total teeny-bopper/goober posting my outfit pics, so until I get over myself this will have to do for proof:

Those are some comfy bootie wedges my bloggies, a great find at our local Marshall's. I was actually quite proud of my outfit, whoever came up with this idea is a genius:

I mixed it with a flowery summery top over a shirt I hardly wear because it's too long, it was an online shopping casualty that I never bothered to return. I have found a "new home" for it.

Do you ever re-purpose clothes? Ever have any online shopping casualties? I usually try to stick to stores where I feel pretty confident about my size. Reading the comments section is a definite must, IMHO.

Have a good one folks!

ADios :)