Friday, January 20, 2012

Hey Dude: Lovefool!

Workout: 20 min weights + 20 min walk

It took 3 weeks, but the snooze button finally beat me. I felt defeated. I got up, ready to get ready. Then I realized, I indeed had enough time to get in a weights session. So I went to work and I felt STRONGER!

This week I missed a total of 2-runs and a yoga session. I will try to get one run in and a yoga session in this weekend. Fingers crossed!

I know I said it last week, but I think I'm missing sleep and I have to make it a priority starting tonight! Do you think you're getting enough sleep?

I know I'm not, just like I didn't in college - which brings us to this edition Hey Dude: Lovefool.

Caught this on this fun article: 20 Lessons Learned from Love Lyrics of the 90s. I can probably write a post on almost every song on that list. Oh the 90s!

When this song hit it big, I was a freshman at A&M. I so loved that song and I was always hoping I would find that someone in my life, soon. I'm not really sure why I was in such a rush, but I was. Where you or was I just this lonely Lovefool looking for someone to tell me:

Love me love me
Say that you love me
Fool me fool me
Go on and fool me
Love me love me

Isn’t this song just so romantic?

I remember watching this video on MTV, when they actually had videos on MTV. Good times - I'm old! If youtube had been around, I would have probably spent a whole lot of time watching it on the internet. Do you remember staying up to watch your favorite videos? Am I just dating myself here?

Anywhoo, that year actually came with many challenges. After my Corps of Cadets debacle, I definitely turned to food for comfort. I probably gained 10 pounds at the end of my first semester and then another 10-15 the one after. I never really got on the scale at my heaviest. I did NOT want to know.

I just remember not being able to fit into any of my summer clothes and not having enough $$$ to buy new ones. I survived, but I was so happy when I got home that summer because it was so stinkin' humid at school and I could borrow my mom's shorts at home.

That summer it was probably my first attempt at getting back into the healthy scene. Lots of aerobics classes, trying to watch what I ate and probably lots of nights staying up to watch this video on MTV. Mind you, I had no clue what I was doing nutritionally but I think it put me in the right direction.

Did you go to college? Was your freshmen year as traumatic as mine? Do tell!