Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Workout: Max Cardio + Abs Insanity Video - 47 min

Two glorious days in a row where I go to bed before 10:30. It feels Grrrrreat! I even woke up before my alarm and had enough time to just close my eyes and lay there. It was great!

Plus, I needed the energy for my Insanity workout today. It was tough. My back was feeling a bit sore, too so I needed to make some modifications on some of the jumping squats. I still got a good workout in :)

I'm happy to report Operation DressBetterAtWork is going well, proof:


Sorry RC, I know - I'm a total teeny-bopper posting my pics for the whole internets to see!!! I know, shameful!

It's true though, can't help that my hubby pokes some fun my way every now and again. I tell him he doesn't need to read ALL my posts. More like I'll tell him when he should read one and that works fine with me. That way, I can fully dive into my "corky" personality and no harm is done.

If you blog, does your SO read your posts religiously? How do they feel about you sharing some aspect of your life with so many strangers? I know RC keeps telling his friends to recommend that their wives get their own blog when they have too much of those "things" they like to talk about. Too cute!

Dinner tonight was spectacular, which is defined by the taste + nutrition + the number of pots + time needed to cook. I wish all meals were this easy.


What’s the easiest dinner you make at home?

Off to do some chillaxin’

ADios :)


Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, yes - dinners with few dishes to clean are always my favorite. I particularly like to repurpose leftovers in a new dish (roast pork = Cuban sandwiches another night). We're doing leftover salsa chicken + leftover rice in tortillas. Mmm.

Have you written about "Insanity"? Super curious.

And I'm glad you've returned to blogging :) I missed your posts!

cynthiasolc said... Best Blogger Tips

@Kimberly Thank-you so much!!! *Smiles*

I've written some about Insanity, but I'll do a recap sometime next week. It's a fun collection to have around when you work out at home!