Monday, April 23, 2012

The Salad Case: side planked

Workout: Side Plank Power Yoga 30 min

The lady was not kidding when she said to "Get ready to sweat!" I didn't listen and was soaked by the time the class ended.

This was a level 2/3 and I managed to keep up, but side planks are a little intimidating to me. I decided to tackle my fear of them and am so glad I took this class. It was tough, but it gave me something to work towards and I can tell my core and my back were liking it!

After a hiatus from the Salad Case due to part laziness + part thinking we got a staff discount at the campus cafeteria, it's back:

In the mix:

  • Handfuls spinach
  • Roasted potatoes, carrots, asparagus
  • Avocado
Not too shabby; plus, I didn't feel like I was slaving over the stove setting it up. On Sundays, I just have to learn to keep things as simple as I possibly can because I can get a wee-bit carried away on things I want to make for the upcoming week.

On to today's "things that make you go, hmm?"

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ADios :)