Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mommy Needs Coffee: Family Time

Workout: Boost of Energy Yoga - 30 min + weights

Apparently, Dice (the instructor) was telling us back-bends are like taking a shot of caffeine, they provide a boost of energy. I, however, prefer my caffeine in the the form of a yummy caffeinated beverage known as COFFEE.

Today was of the cold-brewed, overnight iced variety with coffee ice cubes. The first of the season. 'Twas a good morning! But not as good as this, someone caught them having family time!

Ahh, family time!

I am so blessed to have a really tight-knit family. RC, the BB and I are known to spend most of our weeknights and weekends together.

Weeknights involve inside playtime while Mommy cooks, dinner, outside playtime, clean-up time, bath time, sleepy time followed by some decompressing time with RC. It's a routine, sometimes it's grueling and repetitive but those hugs/smiles/little things in-between make it all worth while.

Decompressing time is must for us, we usually watch our shows, websurf/read and sometimes RC and I will have some good conversations. I read this article last week and I have to admit I never really thought about our marriage as something the BB wants us to focus on.

I wholeheartedly agree, though - I know as a kid I knew when things were no-bueno for my parents. I was always blessed, though because they made their marriage a priority.

RC and I are trying to do the same, but for me there is a little feeling of guilt associated with not spending all our free time with BB. I have to get over it, I know. Maybe we should start monthly date nights?

If you're married + kids, how do you make your marriage a priority?

ADios :)