Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIWW: Confessions

Work It Wedge Wednesday: ~40 min Insanity Cardio Balance video

That's right folks, today is all about confessions:
  • I'm Catholic and I just realized that I haven't gone to confession since I got married. I didn't even "go," the priest came to my dressing room and told me it was time for confession. I asked Richard if that happened to him, he said no. Our priest actually mistook his older brother for the groom, so my brother-in-law confessed in his place. Random - I know!
  • I haven't worn "big-girl" clothes to work since last Thursday. It's finals week so no one is here, plus I haven't had any meetings. No Meetings = I get to wear jeans and my favorite shoes. I can wear these and have no problems with it.

  • I broke down and bought my first pair of work-flats last Thursday. It happened at lunch time when, what I thought was a wedge ended up treating me like a heel. Must find a better way of screening these so-called "wedges"!
  • I've been retaining water like CRAZY! My wedding ring has never felt so tight, don't know if it's a lack of water or what? Must.drink.water.
  • My scale has been very unkind to me this week. It was up 4-5 pounds two days in a row. I was sad! I am sad. It's back down to 3-4 today, but I think all the sugar and the "12 fattening days before Christmas" have caught up to me on Day 10. I'm trying to do damage control right now, but containing the Sugar Monster is a tough battle! How are you doing?
  • Today, we made S'mores at work. The sugar high was glorious, until it was no longer a high!
  • Today, I wore my pre-prego "goal" jeans in hopes that it would deter me from having an extra S'more. I was wrong, I ended up having 2 S'mores because "Hey, my jeans still fit!"
  • I had signed up for a while ago. It's a nifty service that connects you to people who may want to share a book that is lend-able. You can buy or earn credits by lending books as well. Credits are much cheaper than some e-books so it’s a good investment! I actually just got my first request so I’m going to start reading the Hunger Games. I have 14 days, I can do this :) What are you reading these days?

    On a good note, I'm actually starting to exercise on a more consistent basis. This is what I've done last week:

    DayWhat I did
    ThursdayNothing :(
    FridayNothing :(
    Saturday40 min walk with doggies
    Sunday40 min walk with doggies
    Monday30 min yoga + 20 min interval cardio session
    Tuesday20 min intervals cardio session
    Wednesday~40 min Insanity Cardio Balance video

    Never mind, I thought I had worked out last Thursday and Friday - things are back to normal I guess! I really am going to try exercising tomorrow, I'm shooting for 5 this week :)

    How about you? What did you wear to work today? Did you work it out today?

    Oh yea, one last confession for the day: I have a short attention span and now I can blame the INTERNET:



    Diana said... Best Blogger Tips

    Yipes - I'm Catholic, too, but I haven't been since school! I have been hoping to start going to church a bit this year, though. Don't think too badly of me!

    Oh, and I totally bought a pair of wedges *just* to wear to work (and they were expensive!) and they're not even that comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Shoe-fail! lol

    cynthiasolc said... Best Blogger Tips

    @Diana of course I won't think badly of you. I am NO ONE to judge - believe me!

    I hate shoe-fails. I've had 2 against "wedges" this year. If you can't trust a wedge, what shoe can you trust?