Friday, February 3, 2012

Hey Dude: Superbowl

Workout: 30 minutes yoga from

Let's take a trip down memory lane, "super bowl commercials featuring animals" edition!

I think that list did get #1 right,

but this one is such a close tie:

I wish I could be a fly on the wall when they're thinking up these commercials! Which one is your favorite?

I actually don't remember when the EDS one came out, but I was working for EDS in 2007 when I heard of it. Hilarious! In a way, they are right - that is what we did. I'm just glad I didn't work for them in the 80s - think of the strictest wardrobe guidelines ever. You couldn't even go to the bathroom without your coat on! I would cry.

Just like I almost did this morning. I did not want to workout. After the 5th time hitting the snooze, I did get up and practice a 30 min yoga flow from I heard about this site recently and am taking the 2-week trial period to compare it to, who's a bit more expensive and only offers yoga classes. offers classes for strength/flexibility/cardio 30-1hr in length. The classes are always changing and only available for a certain time.

My first impression on the yoga was good, I think. It was a good workout, but it seemed like an "at-home yoga workout." Yogaglo gives you the "in the studio" feeling - it's hard to describe. I hope I'm not being a yogi-snob, believe me - I have no right to be one of those!

Have you tried these sites? Are there any other ones that you've heard of or luv?

Off to do some of this:

Have a great weekend!

ADios :)