Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WorkItWedge: Jury Duty

Workout: Plyometrics Insanity Video - 40 min

Twas Jury Duty day, which means -> no dressing up for the office day, which also means -> no geeky picture to post. You are welcome!

I'm glad I got the workout in, I felt energized but my lower back is acting up again. I made my exercise modifications and I moved on. Isn’t back pain the worst?

I'm not sure if it's related to the massage I got on Tuesday, but I've been sore since then. Is that supposed to happen? I've never gotten a professional massage and I LUV LUV LUVd it!

I got the massage through a groupon for a chiropractor's office. I was offered an alignment too, but I was scared and said no. Have you ever gotten one?

I also sat around a lot today, it could have contributed to my soreness. There was so much waiting around, just sitting waiting to hear if we were going to be called. Then, after some hours all the cases were settled out of court and we were free to go.

I’m glad I did my civic duty, but I wish it came with walking breaks. Does your workplace allow them?

All that waiting wore me out and the sugar monster was unleashed tonight. Golden grahams and chocolate are my friends. I tried to balance out the sugar with some good food:


I’m still making tomorrow a mandatory No SUGAR day, it must be done! What are your fitness goals tomorrow?