Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIWW: Jeans + Boots

Workout: 30 min yoga + 12 min int run

No goofy photo today. I know, you’re crushed!

Work has been on overload for the last couple of weeks. I keep telling people I need to invest in a swatter to swat away as many things as I possibly can. Got a swatter I can borrow?

I have to say, the working out and healthy eating are definitely helping me with stress relief. Plus, I think of the trainers over at as my friends – I love the variety.

When I can, I also manage to sneak in a couple of walking breaks during the work day. That usually helps me re-focus and definitely gives me some perspective.

During today’s AM walk, I realized it was Ash Wednesday. Excuse me, what? It kind of snuck up on me, but I think I’ve settled on what I’m giving up:

  • shopping for clothes (minus 2 pants from Express that I’m watching until they go on sale since I have a gift card)
  • the “afternoon k-cup coffee” that has become a staple for the last couple of weeks
  • a Rosary a day

What’s the weirdest things you’ve heard anyone give up for Lent? Do you practice Lent or do you have something similar to it in sentiment?

I didn’t make it to Church :(, but I did manage to get in my weekly shopping spree during my lunch hour. One less thing I have to worry about during the weekend. Plus, I got to pick up some focaccia bread and tomatoes to feed my grilled cheese obession.

Grilled cheese + tomato + pesto panini


Kimberly, thank you for clueing me into this yummy combination! The BB was definitely a fan!

What was the last recipe you were glad you tried?