Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Natter: Youble?

Workout: 25 min Power Body + 25 Body Pump

Me: I am soooooo in luv with
Me: wait
Me: how do you spell it again?
Me: Yea, I am so in luv with right now!

That's right, I am going to sign up for the plan as soon as I finish writing this post because my 2-week free trial is kaputz.

The classes really are super FUNtastic and I'm feeling stronger; and by stronger I'm meaning sore. Seriously.

Plus, I luv luv luv that each day I can pick what I want to target or try something new. I think it's helping me stay motivated.

I do think the yogaglo offers a wider variety of yoga and the quality of the video is a bit better. I just think the variety helps me stay motivated, plus - it's half the price. Can't argue with that, right?

Have you tried or yufit? Know of any other internet gyms?

Today was a beast, now it's time to sit and just sit!