Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mommy Needs Coffee: Grateful!

Workout: 30 minute walk + Better Than Coffee Vinyasa flow

This will be a short and probably very random post, but I felt like writing.

Last week I wrote and re-wrote a blog post, I wasn't sure how to handle what happened in Boston while I was vacationing in San Diego. Then I tried to add a picture from my phone. Then I tried to edit the post from my PC. Then it all got deleted. Then I gave up and just sent some more thoughts and prayers to Boston.

Today I did my yoga and it felt great (pssst, it's not really better than coffee). In fact, I may be dealing with a bit of an afternoon iced-coffee addiction compliments of Einstein's and their new Hazelnut Iced coffee flavor. Seriously, I can't seem to pass up on their $1 refills. Someone help.

Now, for some more coffee ...

Life with a toddler + an infant is tough - not going to sugar coat it. Sometimes I get lost in trying to get it all done. Today I found this blog: House Unseen - Life Unscripted and something, I can't remember which post, made me feel so grateful - for everything more than words can ever convey.

Thank you God!

What are you grateful for?

ADios :)


Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

Life with a toddler is tough - I can't imagine an infant. You DESERVE that iced coffee.

I'm grateful for having a precocious toddler who tests my limits but only because he's so darn inquisitive.