Monday, April 1, 2013

The Salad Case: I'm back - kind of!

Workout: 17 min treadmill run + 15 min walk

As the title implies, I'm back - kind of. At least I think I am.

Let me explain, my absence is due to this guy:

Blog (and by blog I mean my 3 readers who probably have already met him), meet Colton (or my BBC)!

I'm absolutely blessed to call him my son,

and BB my precious daughter.

Don't let the smiles fool ya, there have been some tough times at our little casita - but those smiles get me every.single.time.

My maternity leave is officially over (boo... and boo) and now it's all about trying to calm what I affectionately like to call "the Crazy". Yes, I'm right smack in the middle of the Crazy so I'm trying to take it one day (no hour) at a time.

So, where does the blog fit in - you ask? I miss it. It's something I do for me, a snapshot of what was going on during a particular day before all the days melt into one.

As far as the nutrition/fitness goes, it is so much different this time around. Sleep has pretty much trumped any planned morning workout sessions and I'm okay with it for now.

I gained a total of 34ish pounds this go-around. I lost 20 pounds in the two weeks following delivery, then a whopping pound at my 6 week checkup. Haha - that was a fun weigh-in!

I've lost a little since then and am about 10 lbs from my "goal". It's kind of hard to gage the weight because I'm still breastfeeding so I'm going to rely on measurements to track my progress. Now if only I had time to get those measurements down.

I've come to realize I don't have much control over my workout schedule, I'm at the whim of BB, BBC and how much sleep they decide to give me on a given night. I'm going to try to keep it simple and will post more about that in my Work It Posts!

My main focus in July will be "Clean Eating," with my own definition of clean. I'll be limiting my dairy/sugar consumption and trying to add lots of veggies and healthy stuff. I don't believe in deprivation.

Since I'm back at work, the salad cases are back as well and will be prepped at work for the most part. This week's case is:
  • baked sweet potato
  • baked carrots
  • baked kale
  • hummus + egg + whole wheat tortilla
I brought everything in containers for the week so that is one less bag I'll have to prep each night.

BTW, how good are baked sweet potatoes - really :)

What's in your case today?

I leave you with some more LOVE <3 p="">

ADios :)