Monday, April 4, 2011

The Case: I'm doomed!

Workout:None :(

Calories: 1900

According to this article, What are the Consequences of Not Getting Enough Sleep?, I’m doomed:

  • I’m going to eat 300 calories more per day
  • Which will lead to me gaining more weight
  • It’s going to raise my blood pressure
  • Increase my changes of me getting sick – cough, I’m already there
  • Shrink my brain and worsen my memory. Did I mention my first batch of my wonder remedy tea went to the drain – I forgot to put the pot over my cup before I sprained it!
  • I’ll skip my workouts – haven’t worked out since last Wednesday
  • I’m already cranky & totally off my game.

Did I mention the bags under my eyes have reached gigantic proportions. I could go around the world with these things. Kids, look away.

I almost got to this point today – I would have taken my own picture, but I pretty much sleep-walked through the day. Holy Guacamoley – I’m doomed I tell ya!

Any miracle lotions you guys know of that don’t involve placing something on your eyes for 5+ minutes?

For the fourth night in a row, my munchkin has woken up around 2 and taken 1.5+ hours to go back to sleep. I have no idea what’s going on.

I think she’s waking up by rolling onto her tummy and I have no clue how to stop that. We’ve decided to feed her a little later and a bit more to see if she’s not waking up because she’s hungry. We desperately need a good night’s sleep so any ideas you may have, please pass them along.

As you may have guessed, I missed my workout. I didn’t go back to bed until 3:30 and it took me a while to get back to sleep so I had to say no and try to “enjoy” those extra 50 minutes.

On these type of days, I thank God for a hubby who offers to pick up dinner and try to focus on the nutrition aspect of it. I didn’t make my goal: 1800 – but at least it wasn’t 2300!

Off to watch the NCAA Championships. Don’t forget to watch tomorrow, my Aggies are taking on the Fighting Irish.