Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Things: Measuring Cups

Workout: None
Calories: 2200
Sugar: 42g (yowza!)

Last night I pulled out one of my many 1/4 measuring cups to prep my oatmeal for the night (me + oatmeal = bffs).

I wanted some milk and I had the cup out so it was just instinct to use it and measure 1/2 cup out of milk, not even thinking about it. Little did I know that I would be shocked to see how small 1/2 c milk looked in my glass.

I mean, really?

Blog 001

I know there have been many a day when I filled that puppy up all the while thinking I was having 1 serving of milk. Try more like 2.5x that amount.

Word to the wise (Vanilla Ice) – it’s always good to measure stuff from time to time! Do you guys do this? Ever been shocked like I was?

In terms of sugar tracking, the sugar is a ninja! You know that seasoned rice vinegar – 5g of added sugar for 1 tablespoon. That’s a 5th of my recommended daily intake.

I had to skip it since I was already at 15+g before noon – I couldn’t believe it. Turns out, maybe I should also rethink my coffee creamer as well and turn that into more of a “treat”.

I’ve been slacking (again) on the exercise front. I’m trying to stop the “dream-feedings” with Brielle, so she keeps waking up at 3 on the dot. It’s throwing me up a bit but I gotta keep on trying. After reading that link, though I think Maybe Brielle might not be ready to drop it yet. Decisions, decisions.

Off to watch Glee :)