Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work It: Sabotage

Workout: 2 mi run in 18:20 minutes
Calories: 2200
Sugar: 25g

At the beginning of April, I said it was going to be my last hurrah for trying to loose those pesky 5 pounds. The hurrah turned out to be more like - Wah Wah!

Looking back at my “weight journey,” I’ve come to realize that maybe exercise is not always key. Today, though, today I had to work out. Not for the weight loss, but more for the sanity :)

I know it was only 2 miles, but it was an awesome 2 that recharged me and got me going on my way! How was your workout?

Brielle slept through the night 9-5 and I think we are trying to drop the “dream feed”. Turned out well for me, but bad for the daycare cause they had problems getting her to nap. Which will probably come right back around tonight for me – it’s the sleepless cycle and I’m smack dab in the middle of it!

Kimberly, I know you’re in the middle of a move – but please take a nap while you still can :) Then you can write about it – it makes me feel better to know that naps do exist!

On the sugar front, I actually did ok today. Cut back on the creamer and avoided the SABOTAGE at work. The ice cream got me yesterday, but today I maneuvered away from sweet bread in the AM and birthday cake in the PM.

BTW, I learned the Bean & Cheese Taco Cabana TINY little taco is a whoppin 300 cal. A what?

Plus, if you’re looking to track your sugar – check out this little gem: Sugar Stats.

Off to finish AI.