Saturday, April 2, 2011

I no likey!

Workouts: none since Thursday :(

Calories: not really counting, too busy coughing!

That’s right, the flu looked me up and found me this week. Boo flu!!!

I had such a great 3-day workout stretch and I was looking forward to my weights on Thursday, but then the baby had a not so fun time with her incoming teeth.

Translation: no sleep on Wednesday night –> no Thursday AM workout :(

Then the flu started rearing it’s ugly face. First it was only a sore throat, then it morphed into CONGESTION. The horror!!!

Another sleepless night, another missed AM workout on Friday.

Enter cough & another sleepless night with the baby (notice a pattern here?) enter another missed workout today.

I could punch the flu in the face.

I won’t though, I’m still to busy coughing!

On another note, I have decided to make April my last-hurrah before this years swimsuit season! That’s right, I’m gonna tackle those last five pounds with a vengeance!!! Muahahah!!! More on that in tomorrow’s post, tonight is for rest, tea & honey.