Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foodie Friday: Hula Burger?

Workout: nada (thought I'd switch up the "none" - wouldn't want to bore you;)
Calories: 2000

My workout recap: ran 20 minutes on Wednesday, nothing since. I'm sick again - big time sniffles + coughing for 1, no 2 - my baby has it too :( I think we keep infecting each other - how do you end this cycle?

Also, getting sick after that vinyasa workout was a MISTAKE. My abs are still sore so coughing takes on an added level of unpleasantness. I'm not kidding, this is deep-level soreness that I have NEVER experienced before. How does yoga do it?

Halfway through the day and I remembered today was Foodie Friday and I hadn't taken a single picture. Oh no!

I ate the same thing for breakfast that I did 3 of the 4 days this week, so please picture this:

boiled eggs + whole wheat sandwich thins + the secret ingredient = convenience/yumminness

The secret:

For sure, boiled eggs have changed the way I have breakfast: they're convenient, yummy, hold me over until lunchtime and require no extra packaging. I don't want to be like the Del Monte guy who thought this up:

I had a spinach salad with tuna for lunch and followed it up for some Chobani yogurt + sweet, sweet cantaloupe for a snack. Yum!

Then I debated: to filet or not to filet?

Lent is almost over and I usually have it at least once a  year. I looked up the nutrition info and asked myself, why do they have something that can be so good into something so bad?

I wonder what the nutritional value of the Hula Burger was as bad as this? That's right folks, it seems like McDs could have ventured into the grilled pineapple burger market. I wonder if they would have been able to make pineapple unhealthy? That was a rhetorical question, of course they would have!

So I filet'd purely for nostalgia reasons and I regretted it 5 minutes after. 380 calories for that little tiny sandwich could have been better spent!

I ended the night with some oatmeal + raisins + milk - you can never go wrong with that combo.

My parents spent the night and we had a great talk and watching yesterday's Oprah show. I decided to record her last 30 shows since it's so hard to believe they will be her last.

That is why this post is a day late.

On a GRRRREAT note I get to go pick up my hubby in 2+ hours. Can't wait :)

What are your Saturday Plans? Hope you have a great one ;)