Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Setup: “Be my sweet tea?”

Workout: 25 min walk with the doggies

Calories: 2100

Don’t you love Country music lyrics? Nothing speaks to the heart like being like being asked to be someone’s sweet tea. I’m gonna have to work on Richard on that one ;)

The cough is getting better, I made myself some of my parent’s cough remedy. A tea made out of 1/2 onion & splash of oregano with a lime & a teaspoon of honey.

I know, crazy! My sense of smell is really gone so I can’t taste it, plus they swear by it and I’ve been drinking it for years when I get sick.

Do you guys have any crazy at-home-remedies?

As you may remember, my last hurrah starts tomorrow. I’ve added the calorie goals back in because I’m really going to try to loose those infamous “last five pounds.”

Since I only did the first 3 days of last week’s plan, I’m pushing the rewind button and using the same plan for this week.

Day Plan Calories
Monday 45 min circuit weights 1800
Tuesday Yoga 1800
Wednesday 40 min run (intervals) 2000
Thursday 45 min circuit weights 1700
Friday Yoga 1800
Saturday 50 min run 200
Sunday 40 min walk doggies 2000

Let’s hope I actually get to follow it this time!

Off to finish watching the ACM awards. I think I haven’t been listening to my Pandora country station cause it sounds like brand spankin new music too me.

Overall good show so far! Did you watch? What was your favorite performance.

Mine was Steven & Carrie. Too cool for school!

Hope ya’ll have a great week ;)