Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Talk at Luby's

I once again got up later than I wanted to, 7AM but I did manage to get my run! It was a whoppin 1.25 mile! I walked for the rest of the 30 minutes and then caught up on some tasks until lunch time.

Since we're limited to 3-hr excursions out with the baby, we opted for lunch at Luby's with some of my friends at work. It was nice to hear how everyone is doing, plus some of them got to meet Brielle.


I made some tasty green chile chicken enchiladas for dinner. My parents used to fry these when I was growing up, but it's so much easier and healthier to bake 'em.

Since I got my Gmail calendar and task applications going, I'm all set for tomorrow's tasks! We'll see how many I can actually cross off!