Sunday, September 5, 2010

No Pictures Proves It Never Happened!

That's right my friends, there is no photo proof that this Sugar-Packed Sunday ever occurred! No proof whatsoever!

That delicious coffee cake from the International Bakery in the morning, it's still sitting in that bakery.

That piece of chocolate cake with caramel cheesecake ice cream, it was just a figment of the imagination.

With my love affair with coconut, who can forget that tall mocha coconut frap from Starbucks? Everyone can, because it never happened!

Oh how I wish that no pictures proved these deeds never took place.

Instead, I sit here wondering how sugar does it? How it starts in one meal and then invites itself along throughout the day, almost like the domino effect!

This is a direct quote from someone who knows someone that

"talked to a guy who works for nabisco....there are 21 chemical compounds in an oreo that makes us eat more than one....go figure"

Maybe the odds are stacked against us!

Other than my loosing battle with sugar, this day was wonderful!

My parents came by in the morning to visit with Baby Brielle, as well as with us, of course ;) Then we went to a friend's bbq so that his parents could also meet the little munchkin! His parents are awesome and cooked such good food!

Afterward, we went to my good friend's house so that she could meet Brielle and so that I could visit with her little 6 month old munchkincita!!! Too adorable for words. She's so attentive and even held Brielle's little hands.

Such a good day!

Minus, the scuffle with sugar of course. I will, however, continue my battle with it tomorrow! I just have to take things one meal at a time, and see if I can hold back if I've already had sugar earlier.

Down with sugar, will be my motto!!!