Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Creature of Habit


With our little addition, who is about to be 7 weeks old, life truly is no longer what it used to be! Everything’s turned inside out and I’m lovin’ every minute of it!

How could you not, with this little one in your life!

Brielle 047

She is truly a blessing!

So where does this blog go with a little one in the house?

Well, I decided I still wanted to make it a healthy fitness blog. I may not be able to write all the time, but I will definitely try to as much as possible.

I still want to continue the Calorie Tracker segments because it helps me gage where I am nutritionally. It also motivates me to eat healthier!

In terms of daily pictures of what I eat, those are probably going to go way down. See, I’m a creature of habit. As such, I tend to eat the same things over and over until I get tired, or most likely, until I run out of them.

For example, I’m currently having an egg & cheese sandwichthin for breakfast. It fills me up and I find it quite yummy :)

For my snacks, I’ve settled into having a yogurt+fruit smoothie for a pre-workout snack and an edamame+fruit+chai tea for my afternoon one.

I know, it’s boring, but that’s who I am. Plus, mixing it up with the fruit helps fight that boredom!

Also, for my late dinner/snack I’m having a yummy bowl of oats with fruit and milk. Oatmeal is apparently good for breastfeeding so I have to have it. Besides, I love it! I may venture into steel-cut oats or barley, but I find that having this at night really powers me through the late-night feedings with my baby and gives me extra energy in the mornings.

Thus, in terms of the blog, I’m not going to post pictures of these foods. They are too repetitive and I wouldn’t want to bore anyone :)

As far as fitness goes, I do plan to keep my workout log.

I was so happy to get up and run this morning that I definitely have to keep that up. It makes me feel so good knowing that I’ve already had my workout and the bonus, some ME time while the baby slept :)

Woo-hoo! Who knew ME time was going to be in such a demand?

I got to get ready, make myself breakfast, have my morning coffee while surfing the internet with the comfort of knowing that my baby was sound asleep. I even got to mark a couple of tasks off my to-do list!

I will definitely have to fight to make this a habit from now on. I also ordered some anti-pull leashes for my doggies so I can take them for walks in the morning with Brielle.

Baby + stroller + Labrador + cocker spaniel = ???

We’ll find out when the leashes arrive!

I will also be doing a review of the Beach Insanity workouts. My husband got them for me for my birthday and I will officially start the program tomorrow. I’ll be doing this, some yoga, walks with the doggies and I’m going to try and take my Labrador, Abacus, for some running on the days when Richard is home. I must take advantage of that to get my run on!

So do wish me luck as I try to get back in shape. Ima scarred, but so looking forward to it!!!