Monday, September 6, 2010

Down With the Sugar!

That is the mantra for the day. After a long night with Baby Brielle, I came to realize, "what if all that sugar and caffeine is affecting my baby?"

I usually only have one cup of coffee a day, but I had two small ones at the bakery last morning. Then I had that small frap in the evening. That might have led to all those noises she made during the night!

For that reason, I am definitely going to try to consume less sugar and caffeine today. What more motivation do I need?


My lovely Mom made us some scrumptious Chile Rellenos yesterday, so we had that for breakfast. Grant it, they're slightly fried and they're probably not the breakfast of champions, but at least I got my dairy in! Besides, it'd be a crime to let these babies go to waste!

On the agenda for Labor Day, probably a nap followed by a trip to a favorite Las Cruces book store and dinner. Nothing big, which is just what the doctor ordered.

Have a great Labor Day!