Monday, September 6, 2010


I've got no self control
Been living like a mole now
Going down, excavation
I lie in the sky
You make me feel like I can fly
So high

I got to run today, woo-hoo!

It was only a mile, but it was a great mile at that :) I ran on my treadmill and finished in 11 minutes. Not too bad, I guess, since I haven't run in about 6 months. Plus, "Elevation" came on while I was running so it was an extra special session :) The funny thing is, I've never really paid attention to all the lyrics so I have no clue what living like a mole means, exactly.

I probably could have run more, I just really want to ease back into running to make sure all is okay! I'm probably going to try to build up a mile a week up to 5 miles and then start trying to work on my mile times! We'll see how that goes!


A plateful of goodness! We drove to Las Cruces and went to Ruby Tuesday since there is none in El Paso and enjoyed their salad bar.

I also ordered 2 of their Mini burgers but would not have done so if I had read their nutritional content. Wow, 900 calories. I didn't have one of the buns, but man 900 calories!

Oh well! Goes to show you should really scope out the nutritional information of restaurants before you order. It pays to do your homework!

We headed to the bookstore after dinner and then headed home and made strawberry milkshakes with that sugar-free stuff Richard got.

We've been watching tennis/napping ever since and I so wish I was coordinated enough to play! It's fun trying, still, but probably funnier for anyone that gets to see me out on that court. I'm a riot!

Hope your Labor day was as fun as mine :)