Friday, June 17, 2011

Foodie Friday: Beware of the Corner Bakery!

Workout: 30 minutes full-body weights workout

I gotta say, I've been very proud of going to sleep early this week. I averaged a 10:30 time but still managed to hit the snooze a couple of times Next week, I'm planning on a 10-10:15 bed time - baby steps, people. Baby steps :)

Last night, the world came to a screeching halt at my work - in the form of a power outage. Everything went down, including ... dun.dun.dun - the database! I was on call and a lot of co-workers had to stay until it was all back up which wasn't until 8:30. Have you guys ever had a work emergency?

We all worked as a team so our manager brought in some Corner Bakery goodies to thank us for the hard work. Woo-hoo!

Then this happened:

I checked the calorie count of this Cinnamon Creme Cake goodie:

BIG MISTAKE! Total Calories 770!!! Which is ok if you're splitting it, like I usually do. NOT OK when it's just me!!!

So I put my fork down and tried to contain the damage!

Lunch was way more healthier!

But the Corner Bakery totally did me in today, 'twas a Foodie Fail and the damage was done!

You'd think I'd try for a healthy dinner, right? WRONG, I had me some of this:

It seems any time I have sugar in the AM, I can't seem to make right decisions the rest of the day. Does that happen to any of you?

I have to come up with a new slogan or motto to help me beat down the sugar in the AM, I'm tellin ya! Any ideas?

Hope ya have a great weekend!

ADios :)


Kimberly said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the look on your face! I can't believe that thing had almost 800 calories. Insane!

If i have had a bad meal, I do have trouble staying on track. It's a bit better now that I'm logging but still not good.

Kristen - Anywhere There's An Airport said... Best Blogger Tips

I get in breakfast ruts... well rut sounds negative... I like it this way! For me I find something that I love and eat it over and over. It's not creative but it works and sets my day up!