Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby Bellies at the Gym

I work out at the university's gym early in the morning. It's probably the best time because most of the people that go tend to be my age or older. The serious swimmers and working-professional types. Plus, it's probably the least crowded since I don't think most college kids can manage the 6 am wake-up. I know I sure wasn't!!!

I miss college sometimes!

I saw another pregnant lady at the gym this morning, she was also going for a swim. It turns out that we're due 4 days apart and we are both just ready to have these babies.

We both agreed, we don't know what we'd do without being able to swim. It's the only place where you are weightless and you don't feel like you're carrying around a 10 1b bowling ball!


Same old, same old! I don't get bored easily when it comes to breakfast foods.

Smoothie was good for my pre-swim snack.

They brought barbacoa to work, so I may have a little taco. I'm definitely having my mini-wheats & banana though. It's that type of a morning!

UPDATE: I guess it wasn't a mini-wheats breakfast type of day. The tacos looked so good, I went with those instead.

It might be a mini-wheats type of lunch though! I keep snacking on them, though, so they may not make it to lunch!