Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mini Blizzard Heaven

I ended up finishing the last of the pad thai for my snack along with a yummy peach.

I have to admit, I was also scoping out sources of sugar and a co-worker came to the rescue with a Snickers bar. I only had 1/3 of it, ok, probably closer to 1/2 and a tiny little cookie.

Sugar, sugar, sugar!!!


I made some simple pork-cops with a mushroom gravy sauce. For my sides I made yummy mashed potatoes and caramelized brussel sprouts. Can you believe this is only the second time I make these tasty veggies? I love the way they taste with the caramelized onions.

It was a quick and hearty meal.
After our nightly walk, we needed to drop something of at the UPS location which happens to be conveniently close to the Dairy Queen. The stars aligned and we got the doggies in the truck and headed on over there. We had a mission, to try the new mini blizzards.

Richard got the Oreo Brownie Earthquake and I got the Mint Oreo mini blizzards. They were the perfect size and we saved like 200 calories :)

Tonight was a win win!