Monday, August 2, 2010

Eat This Not That

Apparently, all breakfast sandwiches are not created equal.

I'm a big fan of the McDonald's Egg McMuffin and I knew it was about 300 calories. The Dunkin Donuts counterpart has 350, but look at how much sodium that baby has!

This is the one that is the least harmful, crazy? Makes me want to shy away from all breakfast sandwiches and make my own!


I had my usual yummy blueberry & yogurt smoothie for my pre-swim snack and was able to get out the door a whoppin' 5 minutes earlier!

I'll take that :)

At work, I had my oatmeal, peach and iced coffee. Pretty standard, but still very yummy :)

UPDATE: It seems I am not a nutmeg fan!

I added some to my oatmeal to try a new flavor, BIG mistake! I couldn't get passed the taste and was forced to go search for another breakfast alternative.

Enter the breakfast burrito with eggs & beans!