Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Cook Dinner

We had a baby shower at the office. It seems there is something in the water where I work because everyone and their mom are having babies!

I ended up having some cake & ice cream for a snack, along with some milk. I was sad because they put up the microwave to make space for the shower, which meant, no edamame for me today!

Oh well!


I wasn't in the mood to make any dinner tonight, so I opted for the quick and simple quesadilla option. I used a whole-wheat tortilla and topped it with some avocado. I also added some beans, but I spent 5 minutes trying to get all the onions out! I'll make sure to never add that many onions to my beansies again!

For my dessert tonight, I had a red plum. If for some reason I'm feeling hungry later on tonight, I'll make sure to have the rest of my yummy rice pudding!!!

Did I read?

I didn't read yesterday, but with the simple dinner tonight I have plenty of time!

Off to read right now :)