Monday, March 28, 2011

The Case: I'm Walnut Golden

Workout: 20 min full-body workout
Calories: 2000

4 AM: Baby Brielle got up

4:30 AM: Baby Brielle went back to sleep

5 AM: The alarm rang, not sure what happened then.

5:35 AM: Woke up and had a tough choice to make, sleep in OR 20 min full-body workout?

Yay, I chose the mini-workout!

I decided on doing this 21 Day Total Body Makeover Workout. I didn’t have a medicine ball, but I modified it to work with my 8 1b dumbbells. It felt good to lift those weights and I got some bang for my 20 minutes.

I was originally planning on doing 5 minute jump-roping sessions between sets, but I had to cut those out.

It may not have been the hardest workout, but isn’t it still amazing how it can get your day started right?

On to other news: walnuts. According to this article I read, walnuts own all other nuts! They are the most nutritious and offer the most anti-oxidants. The bad, walnuts own me.

Seriously, I made walnut butter using my bullet this weekend and I’m in TROUBLE. Those walnuts never stood a chance.

I’m going to have to limit myself to a spoonful at night, cause a jar a day is just not going to cut it!

What is your favorite nut?

Off to hold myself back from grabbing that jar and watching some Pawn Stars!