Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snapshot Saturday: The Expo

Workout: 45 minute walk with the doggies!

Calories: 2200

Yay, I felt refreshed this morning. We tried switching Brielle to her play yard instead of her crib and it went a little better. She still got up a couple of times, but at least she went back to sleep right away. That’s so much easier to handle!

Plus, I didn’t get up until 8 – it was GLORIOUS!

We headed out the door with the doggies, a bit windy but a great walk.

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We got ready and headed to pick up our packets.

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Looked at some fun gear and picked up a sweatyband along with one of those handheld water bottles.

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Look kiddos, I actually used a blow dryer today. It was that type of a day :)

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We signed up for the spaghetti dinner but that didn’t start until 5 so we went to a Home & Garden show right next door while they set up.

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The food was pretty good, the conversation – even better. One of the topics: bread vs breadstick? Team toasty bread – ALL THE WAY :)

Your thoughts?

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Live entertainment was a plus!

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Not to mention the all-star company at my table :)

I’m a little scared about tomorrow, I ain’t gonna lie. It’s been a while since I ran a half – I think my last one was 2005. I also ran a marathon in 2003. Wow, that was a long time ago!

Oh well, let’s just hope it goes well – it’s Richard’s first half so it should be an adventure!

Let’s hope that 70+ year old man doesn’t lap us, either!

Wish us luck :)